The UNESCO Chair in Arts and Culture Management, Cities and Creativity presents a line of thematic editions aimed at disseminating research and reflection produced within its foundational scope: the management of arts and culture, the intersection between urban studies and the analysis of public policies within the framework of the conditions of sustainability of cities and their communities.

These publications are developed by students from the various courses and teaching cycles and by IPL faculty, and in particular from the School of Arts and Design, the Chair’s host school, in Caldas da Rainha, integrating and stimulating collaborative training and learning processes and contributing to the professional development of students from the various artistic and cultural management courses.

These publications are also guided by the establishment of partnerships with other chairs, university institutions, associations, non-governmental organizations, foundations and organizations in the public and private sector, nationally and internationally, promoting networking, dialogue and sharing of knowledge and good practices.

The UNESCO Chair of the Polytechnic of Leiria thus aligns with the purposes of the UNITWIN network, through which UNESCO promotes the development of skills in higher education and research institutions through the exchange and sharing of knowledge in a spirit of international cooperation and solidarity.





Expansive Territories, Ed. Diogo Alvim, Matilde Meireles