LAMBDA presents a laboratory of cultural programming and production for sound and visual arts, with a main focus on audiovisual experimentation. As in the previous editions, LAMBDA’s programme includes a collective exhibition of sound and visual art by ESAD.CR students, this year from the Masters in Arts of Sound and Image (MASI/ESAD.CR), and other guest artists; a series of concerts, live-acts and performances in the fields of electronic, electro-acustic and improvised music; and several masterclasses on practices related to the scope of the festival, directed by some of the artists presenting or performing.

As a small size festival in a small ecosystem, LAMBDA tests relations between different entities of the city, the independent collectives and cultural associations, the student community and the art school, the city’s municipality and cultural institutions, and the local, national and international guest artists, lecturers and programming partners invited to participate. It proposes, by its nature in the choice and use of the performing spaces, new models of occupation and questioning of the city’s public space and its relation with the community as a participative entity in its cultural life.
Org: Grémio Caldense; UNESCO Chair in Arts and Culture Management, Cities and Creativity

Poster: Nayara Siler aka Animal Sentimental

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